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HealthLine states that normal MCV levels are between 80 and 100, and normal MCH levels are between 27 and 31.

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A final possibility is that the RDW level is increased and the MCV level is normal.High MCV levels of more than 100 fL in an adult are referred to as macrocytic anemia.MCV Normal Range (Average LEVEL) The typical MCV blood test range is measured in femtoliter and has a range of 80 -100 fL.Another cause of a high RDW level and a low MCV level is thalassemia intermedia.

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When the level of MVC is higher than 100 femtoliters, then the person has macrocytic red blood cells, which means that the erythrocytes are larger than the normal size.

Erythrocytes containing the normal amount of hemoglobin (normal MCHC) are called normochromic.Mean Corpuscular Volume test is performed on a sample of blood to measure the level of MCV in the blood.It is performed to confirm Anemia and also during the treatment and after the treatment of Anemia.A normal range for red cell distribution width is 11.9 to 15.5 percent in adult females and 11.8 to 15.6 percent in adult males.It is a reading which represents the size of the platelets in a blood sample and is determined by a machine.

According to age and sex reference chart for teenagers: HB is a short form of hemoglobin which is the protein gives the blood its red pigmentation and help transport nutrients and gases into the body.According to Dr. Jerry R. Balentine on MedicineNet, the average MCV levels for an adult is between 80 and 100 fL. 2. Low MCV levels of below 80 fL are classed as microcytic anemia.

Mean corpuscular volume (mcv) reference range, interpretation your mcv blood test it says a lot about health.First: Little on high side the first things i would check is Folic Acid and vitamin B12 levels.

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This can be caused by the beginning stages of a decrease in vitamin B12 or folic acid (a type of vitamin) in the body.Generally normal CBC values for children differs slightly than those for teenagers.Your GGT level is slightly higher, There is possible blockage of the bile ducts, or of possible injury to, or inflammation of, the bile ducts.For best comparisons of lab results, the tests should be done in the same lab.

The following table shows the normal range of MCV count: The following table shows the normal range of MCV count.Diseases with these results include anemia caused by chronic disease and by renal disease.Large blood cells found with high MCV totals are called macrocytic.Results may show: Results may show: Normal RDW and normal MCV.

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These test results are in the normal range: MCV: 80 to 100 femtoliter.CBC or Complete Blood Profile is the test in which the calculation of this reading is usually included.MCV is printed in the report generated during complete blood count.

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The MCV is used to measure the size or the volume of an individual red blood cell measured in femtoliters.MCHC is the calculation of the average hemoglobin inside a red blood cell.

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Apparently, kidneys produce a hormone called erythropoietin which helps in the RBC formation by the bone marrow.

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The CBC is a broad array of screening tests that are used to.

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For instance, low MCV levels in combination with normal RDW may point to chronic disease, while low MCV combined with low RDW can denote iron deficiency.People with normal results may still have anemia caused by a chronic medical condition or blood loss.

Red Blood Cell Count The number of red blood cells in a volume of blood is the red blood cell count.MCV is the most useful because it permits separation of microcytic anemia from normocytic and microcytic animas.

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A normal range is a statistic only, 95% of normal population measured with this test method have a vaule in this range, 5% are slightly above or under and still normal.The normal RDW level is 10.2 to 14.5%. higher than normal results A higher than normal RDW level means that the red blood cells substantially vary in size.